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ESO — Stellar Corpse Reveals Origin of Radioactive Molecules — Science Release eso1826

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ESO News
30 July 2018

Astronomers using ALMA and NOEMA have made the first definitive detection of a radioactive molecule in interstellar space. The radioactive part of the molecule is an isotope of aluminium. The observations reveal that the isotope was dispersed into space after the collision of two stars, that left behind a remnant known as CK Vulpeculae. This is the first time that a direct observation has been made of this element from a known source. Previous identifications of this isotope have come from the detection of gamma rays, but their precise origin had been unknown.

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30 July 2018


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27 July 2018: In May 2018, the star S2 made its closest approach to the galactic centre in 16 years. This star can help us study an elusive area of our galaxy, the ...

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